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Recommended Usage of Juictastic Beverages 

Being that our juices and flavored lemonades are 100% natural and do not contain any preservatives.  We recommend that if your juice(s)and/ or lemonade(s) is not consumed within 2-4 days in the refrigerator that you put it in the freezer to preserve longer.  If it is not stored in the refrigerator/freezer immediately upon arrival and consumed within 2-4 days, it may expand, explode or burst open due to spoilage.


How Are Juictastic Beverages Packaged?

For Local Orders Juictastic Beverages Are Chill To Cold And Package In A Heavy Duty Shopping Bag.  For Shipping All Beverages Will Be Shipped Frozen And Wrapped In Bubble Wrap Or In A Foam Cooler And Ship With An Ice Pack In Shipping Box With A Fragile Handle With Care Label On The Box.


When Will I Receive My Juictastic Beverages?

Local Orders Will Be Delivered And Received 1-2 Days After Order Is Placed. Shipping Orders Will Be Received 2-4 Business Days After Order Is Processed.


What Happens If Your Juictastic Beverages Arrived Damaged?

We Request That You Take Photos Of Your Beverages And Email Them To We Will Review The Photos And Issue A Refund.


How Long Does Juictastic Juices & Lemonades Last?

If Refrigerated 2-4 Days & Frozen 4-7 Days. When Freezing Be Sure To Take Out The Day Before And Let Defrost In The Refrigerator To Maintain Freshness Before Drinking.

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